Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nel And John Belizean Food off of Western...

Now most people don't know that my dad's side of the family is Belizean, so I grew up eating a lot of belizean food. ITS SO GOOD. And My dad always used to buy me and my brother food on the weekends from here. He would have us share it because it was so much. But now, I just try to get through a whole plate by myself. It's hard! Cuz it's so much, BUT it's so oh so good... check em out...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Meet the Miami Heat DJ

Didn't get a picture with him (DJ Irie), but thanks Shanna! Too bad Phil couldn't go :/

Got my New Speedlight for my canon!

Since my VIVITAR speedlight just would NOT work with my Canon 60D, I had to shell out $300 to get a 430EXII. It's all good because my diffuser fits on it and it works like a charm. It has some size on it...

I tested it out on one of my friends (clients) and her cousin.... she needs to chew.

Thanks blake!

My brother's friend Blake is awesome. He dropped off some of these grand prix tickets because he had extras, and I was like "Fxck Yeah!" Too bad i didn't get a chance to use them :/

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'll be on this level soon, I promise.

Who DOESN'T love kid cudi...


Driving back home i saw this sight, i was like OOH THAT LOOKS GREAT... but i had my glasses on. I took my glasses off and went BOOOOOO.... #fail.

Searchin for a location wit N.A.Green

Man, i never knew motels were so damn expensive! I was searchin and searchin for a spot to shoot NAGreen but it's so depressing off of century. At least the pizza and the hot dog we got (she got us) from costco were good.

UGH, kinda disappointed. I could smell the prostitution lurking in the motels!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1K on TWITTER!!!

Just reached the 1,000 follower mark on twitter... It's cool because most of the people following me aren't robots, or spammers, they're actual people. I did open it up and make it public so it would be a lil easier for people to follow me, and they get to check out all the funny shit that i say on there... YOU can follow too @YESmikeDANGER #WINNING!!!

Aricka Downtown

I loved this WHOLE shoot....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dolla bills, on top of DOLLA BILLZ

I lightweight enjoyed this video though.... CUZ HER NAME IS RHIANNA!

T. Dot (nintendo tattoo)

That Nintendo tattoo was epic

Rachel C. #2

It's funny because she REALLY didn't like her 1st shoot and i thought her pics came out pretty nice. So she decided to do this second shoot... and they STILL came out nice. Pfft.... women.