Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Carolyn at the Trucks

Soooo It's always fun shooting Carolyn cuz she's so funny! But I love these pics she's a really good model and She's all purty n stuff. But we were rolling and saw this truck and was like "hmmm, we'll shoot in there". And she was wit it. NOW... you enjoy the antics.... (I think i'mma try to start doing more videos....)

Roni B

Something a Little bit kinkier... a change of pace really. It feels good showing people the versatility of your situation. This being an example! I haven't done many bedroom shots that look sensual like this, but it was a great Idea. Thanks for coming down, Roni, and LaToya..... you KILLED that make-up cuhz!

Monday, September 27, 2010


So a few friends from my old college (UCR CLASS OF OH EIGHT!!!!) are pretty much taking over the party scene out here now with PARTY GIRL ENTERTAINMENT. They asked me to come down and bless the spot with amazingness and naturally.... that's what i did. Be sure to click their link to Their Official Facebook and LIKE IT!

Finally Famous with Barri O

Took long enough for us to shoot, but she was like, ALWAYS there when I had first started photography. We just never ever linking up but love convo'ing on Modelmayhem. haha finally we had to get er dun for the sake of Construction, and we made some good stuff with a great team of Nami with styling and Eileen Madrid with make-up. I WANNA THANK ALL YA'LL!

Kierra F!

1st Time Shooter... Thanks Toya for the make-up she looks GREAT!!!! Kierra was funny.... drivin that car like she was crazay...