Friday, August 20, 2010

Me and Sascha At this Railroad

The freakiest thing about these railroad tracks, is that some people actually LIVE in them. But they also still run. It was a daaaaangerous shoot, but i mean come on now... WHATS MY NAME?! yeah the pictures came out awesome as usual... and it was a bit of an adventure.

The funny thing is that we took about an HOUR to find this place! She kept sayin "Maybe it's over here. Hey turn here", until i was just like FUCK IT!!! I'mma turn down this street! Then we found it. High 5...

Thursday, August 19, 2010


If you haven't noticed... The latest trend going around in pictures today is that new Michael-Danger barcode. WHEN you get that barcode added onto your pictures from one of his shoot... you have been approved with the charisma and swagger of the baddest m**** f***** in wherever you are.

Rashonda's 2nd Run

Ok so she was like, completely nakie in this series. All the people gettin off the subway were looking at her lol it was great. I was kinda surprised i didn't get escorted off the premises. This was the 2nd shoot i had where i used my brand new lights. It was BOMBOMB!


I had remembered getting messages from her a while ago on MM, but then we had the luxury of shooting together later down the line. SHE had came up with the concept of having fashion written all on her face, and everyone loved it. It was a good idea and i think the MUA shoulda put the zipper on after we got to the location. LOL i just thought it was kinda funny she couldn't talk the whole way there. BUT i love the outcome...

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Showcase! Featuring Benjamin Productions

Me And Brandon Fresco Came out to support The Showcase @ Leonardo's last week. It went really well too. It was a big turn-out and a good way for some bands to make some $ if they can hustle up some ticket sales. Good Job Benny