Wednesday, June 16, 2010

S.I.N. (Skin Is In)

This is my promo campaign that I've been doing! It's given Me a good Buzz so far ;) check the video!

"We Live" MUSIC Video

Another video shot by yours truely

On the Set With DJB, Ian Sloane and Those Fly Guys


This is all bad... I wonder who she pissed off...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Have you heard what Arnold is doing lately?

OMG this has to be so damn funny!!!

Me Loving Myself

This was a type of event that gives people a chance to feel good about themselves. Not only was I on to take pictures, But a lucky raffle ticket winner won a free photoshoot! It was a great event.... Look at me showing off my book to all the people!

Shooting With Miss Danny!

What a fun shoot. Danelle is a successful event planner and great friend. She lit up the studio with a bright smile and some sassiness. Haha and she brought one of my good friends, Chavon. (She was on styling). These two together are trouble.

The World's BEST DJ!!!

Has to be the best video ever...