Monday, January 18, 2010

Saturday downtown and rooftop

I love shooting downtown. I always get to get on top of this huge roof that has a killer view...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Night @ Aqua Lounge, shootin for K Breeze

It was a last minute job but I got in contact with one of my good friends and he was throwing an event at the Aqua Lounge. Good lookin out K Breeze it was a pleasure. A Lotta nice looking ladies and I saw some old friends as well. Too bad when I saw his mom she didn't even Remember me HAHA. It's all good cuz I've realized I'm a lot sexier than what I was back in like '94, right?

Shootin wit Angelique

This was the 2nd shoot (outta 3) that I did yesterday. Man O Man was I kinda sleepy but we made some good stuff. Funny thing is that Angel know's the dude from 'Everybody Hates Chris', (The Main Character, His name's Tyler... Coo People!) It was super random but i was like hey, let's make this happen. But thanks for coming Angel!

Oh and thank ya kindly Sara (no H at the end) for helpin me on the shoot! I appreciate it, and I'm sure the folks did too.