Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm a bit.... Antsy....

The worst thing is the anticipation on a new toy. I feel like a little kid before christmas right now. My new Canon 7D is coming tomorrow (or i should say later on today), and I feel like I'm gonna explode.

The main reason why I got this camera is for the video function. The video is INSANE. I remember going to an Urbane Renewal mixer at the X-Bar in Century City, and they were filming in there. But the crazy part was seeing these DSLR cameras on Super big rigs with a real crazy looking set-up. Made me think that the film industry is getting a bit more convenient.

I mean I looked up every blog, short film made with the 7D, and every site that reviewed the 7D, and there was nothing but good news, which is good, right? But.... The real talent doesn't have to come from a camera... It has to come from the eye that's taking that picture. HAHA i think its safe to say I'm a fine example of that, especially when I was shooting with a Nikon D40 and people were thinking I was shooting with something COMPLETELY different.

::Nikon D40, you will be missed::